Tips to Growing your Business with Google Plus

Google Plus is not only a social media platform that allows people to share photos, play games, listen to music together but also is a useful tool for business owners. Google Plus allows business owners to establish their businesses in social media that is crowded by ever-growing and active social networking users. Businesses such as Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning have grown their social presence thanks to Google Plus. Google Plus is one of the best ways to connect and engage with customers and potential customers. It helps customers promote products and services and also hold business meetings.

Google Plus has its type of social media users and its demographics are perfect for targeting other businesses as well as potential clients. For a successful business adventure, follow the following routines:

Add links

Google Plus automatically places your website link in a couple of places for business pages. The link will be placed at the top of your profile page above the Follow button. The links increase your audience and click-through rates to your website. If your website has a blog, you can add links in your post to increase your web authority.

For local business pages, you can include your verified website link in your Contact Information box. Linking your business website will allow users to embed text on their links to encourage your audience to click the link to your site. You can link a particular product or service pages in your Contact Information box. You can also include your website’s link in your page’s or personal profile’s introduction which is above your About tab.

Create a Google Circle

Google Plus Circle provides a flexible way to follow, categorize your contacts, share information, see different status updates, and see the content of other users. Google Plus Circles allows you to create unique circles for groups you would be interested in following. The way you organize your circles is crucial to how you share your information.

Using Google Maps

Integrating your Google Plus account with your Google Maps location can help connect your business with local customers and provide directions to your business. With the useful information in your Google Maps dashboard, your customers and new clients can get reliable information on your type of business.

After joining Google Plus, you can get your business listed in Google Places for Business. With Google’s local listings, people can see that your business is legitimate increasing the number of clients.

Consistent Updates

Google has formulated some popular social management tools that allow you to post updates to your Google Plus business page. BuzzBundle is a tool that lets you post and manage Google Plus personal profiles and business pages. BuzzBundle allows users to create personas that they can use to manage social media accounts. A business persona is meant for your business pages on Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Once your accounts and personas are connected, you can easily add news streams for most of your accounts such as Google Plus personal profile.


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